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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Performing Arts Network Conference

On Tuesday, October 1, 2005, I attended an international conference at Yerevan State Film and Theatre Institute. The purpose of the conference was to establish a South Caucusus - Central Asian Performing Arts Network (SCCAPAN).

The Network seeks to reestablish ties between performing arts communities in the Caucusus and Central Asia which were severed when the Soviet Union broke up. The Network will encourage communication, cooperation and collaboration between performing arts groups in each of the countries it represents.

In the first photo, VERONIKA NASALSKAYA from Art & Shock Experimental Theatre in Almaty, Kazakhstan, discusses the work of the Network. Other participants were NABI ABDURAKHMANOV from Uzbekistan, MARINA DAVYDOVA of the International Theatre Festival NET in Russia, and CONSTANTIN CHIRIAC of SIBIU InternationalTheatre Festial in Romania. The conference was chaired by ARTUR CHUKASYAN, president of HIGHFEST in Armenia.


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